There’s nothing really more unsatisfying than playing through a game, hurtling through a great ride and then being smacked in the face squarely with the great fish of cr*p Endings.

Such is even more true of a franchise’s climactic moments – these are, after all, experiences we’ve played with through multiple games, speculating endlessly on where its all going and how it’ll all tie up in the end. Throw in actual choices that mould the gameplay, and then you’ve ended up with a big pot full of potential anger.

Unfortunately, this happens. For every game that’s had a marvelous ending, there’s been many a game in the past that’s had a hell of a pathetic finish. But what could have been done to fix these hideous blemishes on a game’s narrative? Was it even saveable? Let us speculate on what we could have done to fix these horrible storyline missteps.

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