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Oh, to be in that room with all those artists, actors, directors and Jay Z.

Just to remind the rest of us of that fine day in July at the Pace Gallery in New York City, here is the finished product for “Picasso Baby,” Hova’s latest single from Magna Carta… Holy Grail, in performance art film format.

Directed by film and music video extraordinaire Mark Romanek, the nearly 11-minute visual shows the rapper talking about art, signing some posters and hanging out with art people before performing in front of some lucky fans (famous and non-famous).

Some of those famous faces included Judd Apatow, Marina Abramovic, Adam Driver, Jemima Kirke, Taraji P. Henson (who looks super adorable in glasses), Wale, J. Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons, Rosie Perez and Cynthia Rowley.

Jay Z will spend part of his weekend on stage as his Legends of the Summer stadium tour with Justin Timberlake hits Hershey, Pa. on Sunday.

For now, learn the words to “Picasso Baby” on Directlyrics.

katy perry teases roar off of new album prism

Are Katy Perry’s days of blue wigs, candy-coated dreamworlds and bubblegum pop music over?

Well, we can definitely rule the wigs out.

Perry just revealed a very interesting teaser for the reported first single off her upcoming album, PRISM. Get ready to be intrigued.

In the clip, Katy emerges from the darkness with a single lighter holding up her famous California Girls blue wig. Then she proceeds to set fire to said wig (the wig is her PAST, you guys) and it all goes up in flames. Bah! What does it all mean, Katycats?

“My music is about to get real f**king dark,” the 28-year-old pop star recently told the UK Sun. Hmm – now we know girl means business.

What else do we know? According to this new promo video, “Roar” will be released August 12th.

The sexy songstress’ album, PRISM, will be out October 22nd, as announced by the giant gold trucks driving around America.

Are you excited for Katy’s new sound?

Watch the video, above, to see Katy’s awesome “Roar” tease. Lyrics for the song are now on Directlyrics.

Lady Gaga to perform at 2013 MTV VMAs

Mother Monster is back!

MTV announced Thursday that Lady Gaga will take the stage at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards to perform the first single from her highly anticipated album, ARTPOP.

The 27-year-old singer is the first artist revealed to be performing on the upcoming awards show, which airs Sunday, August 25th.

Gaga has a rich history of making headlines at the MTV VMAs. Let’s see – there was that infamous meat dress, a daring blood-soaked performance, and a date named Kermit the Frog, to name a few examples. In 2011, she memorably transformed into her male alter-ego, Jo Calderone, by dressing in drag. Gaga also has a whopping 13 VMA Moonmen to her name.

There’s no telling what the shocking songstress will bring to 2013 s show.

Mother Monster has laid low on the performance front since undergoing hip surgery in February, although she did belt out a kick-ass rendition of “The National Anthem” at New York Pride last month. Gaga recently announced that her next album, ARTPOP, will drop November 11th.

One person who might not be too excited for the “Born This Way” singer’s return? Lana Del Rey. A demo for Lana’s four year old track, “So Legit,” just leaked and it’s chock-full of Gaga hatin.’

Personally, we can’t wait to see what Lady Gaga has got up her couture sleeve. Viva VMAs, Little Monsters!

The Devil And Daniel Johnson

Everyone likes a sad song. There comes a time in everybody’s life where the only thing they can think of doing is putting Coldplay’s The Scientist on full volume and wallowing in self-pity.

There’s an unspoken line in the sand however between acceptable melancholia that serves as a predictable musical accompaniment to a breakup, and all out hopelessness and despair caught in a 3 minute recording. Most normal people do not find enjoyment in the latter category of songs, and therefore do not seek them out. I am not one of these people. I have always been fascinated by how dark music can get. And, in researching this list, it seems that’s pretty darned dark.

5. Townes Van Zandt – Waiting ‘Round To Die

One of the most underrated songwriters of all time, Townes van Zandt plumbed the depths of human misery like no other. This, reportedly the first serious song he ever wrote, is a tune unrivalled in hopelessness.

A chronic depressive, alcoholic and drug user, Townes was the embodiment of the wandering country singer. Despite his prodigious song writing talent, he shunned any mainstream success in favour of a bohemian existence, travelling from town to town playing small venues and dive bars. While his other work carries hints of dry humour and moments of beauty, Waiting ‘Round To Die is Townes at his most unremittingly dark.

Bleakest moment: “Now I’m out of prison/I got me a friend at last/He don’t steal or cheat or drink or lie/His name’s codeine, he’s the nicest thing I’ve seen/And together we’re gunna wait around and die.”

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Green Day

After 16 years as a band and with 11 studio albums under their belt, Green Day headlined this weekend’s Reading and Leeds Festival in a set filled with fan favourites old and new. In honour of this, we took a look back through the Green Day catalogue and picked out some of their less appreciated songs.

10. Favourite Son

If there’s one good thing about political unrest, it’s that it gives punk bands tonnes of ammunition to make great music. A recent example of this would be during the unpopular presidential reign of George W Bush. Many were outraged with his politics, particularly his decisions as regards the invasion of Iraq post 9/11.

In 2004, Fat Mike of NOFX brought together a collection of punk bands from the time to create a compilation promoting peace and opposing war. On it was this rare track from Green Day taking aim at George Bush Jr, accusing the “favorite son,” as being nothing but a disappointment.

Featuring the lyrics, “A clean cut All American really ain’t so clean, his royal auditorium is a murder scene,” it was a fitting addition to the compilation, and a great Green Day B Side.

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Apparently done with running naked through the woods, all for the sake of subjective, misguided “art,” Lady Gaga posted the latest promotional image for ARTPOP on her Facebook page Thursday. Among other things, it features a prosthetic arm and yet another rambling message from the wacky pop superstar.

“I am listening to the album,” she wrote. I know maybe this upsets you, as you’d very much like to hear it. i share these personal feelings because IF I HAD TO GO ANOTHER MONTH WITHOUT PLAYING THE NEW MUSIC I THINK ID CHEW MY ARM OFF # ARTPOP11DAYS


Perhaps she took the video for “Single Ladies” a bit too seriously.

In any case, it’s the latest tease from Gaga’s album, due out Nov. 11. Earlier this week, a leaked demo of her song “Aura” (or maybe “Burqa,” who knows?) hit the Internet, much to the divided criticisms of her fans.

For all the Paul McCartney fans who couldn’t make it to this year’s Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival: it’s you’re lucky day.

The folks at PureVolume will be streaming the legendary musician’s performance from this weekend, starting at 7 p.m. PST tonight.

Included in the stream are oldies (but goodies) like “Juniors Farm” and “Live and Let Die” and Beatles classics like “Something” and “Magical Mystery Tour.”

McCartney, 71, was one of the headliners for this year’s gathering at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, along with Nine Inch Nails, Phoenix, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Willie Nelson and Jurassic 5.

Stream Paul McCartney’s performance at 7 p.m. PST here.

Miley Cyrus

MTV is developing an hour-long Miley Cyrus documentary that will air later this year.

The singer/actress invited cameramen to tag along while she was working on her new album. According to MTV’s president of programming, Susanne Daniels, the film will spotlight the star’s transition from “Disney princess to legitimate artist and fashion icon.”

Cyrus’ current single, “We Can’t Stop,” is No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. She recently admitted that the song is about taking drugs at a party. She told London’s Daily Mail: “I don’t think people have a hard time understanding that I’ve grown up. You can Google me and you know what I’m up to — you know what that lyric is saying.”

The singer, 20, also just got naked for Marc Jacobs’ skin cancer awareness campaign. She posed completely nude for the “Protect the Skin You’re In” campaign, which features the star on a line of t-shirts.

Cyrus kicked off her showbiz career by starring in the Disney series “Hannah Montana” from 2006-11. She has since been working hard to prove she’s “grown up” and eschew her good girl image.

Photo Credits: WENN


Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z surprised her in Philadelphia, Penn., on Thursday night by joining her on stage and kissing her towards the end of her concert.

The rapper, who is currently touring with Justin Timberlake, took some time off to spend time with his sweetie.

Jay-Z snuck up behind his wife and hugged her, and the crowd went wild. Beyonce’s look of surprise and the tender moment they shared together prompted concertgoers to cheer for the super couple.

Beyonce’s tour has reportedly already made around $55.6 million. Her next show is scheduled for Monday, June 28, at The Staple Center in Los Angeles.

However, fans eagerly waiting for her next album may have to wait a little longer. Fans hoping for new music this summer or fall will probably have to wait until 2014. According to a recent report, the songs that the singer has already recorded have been scrapped.

Beyonce & Jay-Z

Photo Credits: WENN

Britney Spears has had a plethora of good looking on-screen partners throughout her years making music videos. In honor of the release of her newest (kid-friendly) music video, here is the definitive ranking of Britney’s sexiest music video co-stars.

11. Adrian Grenier – “(You Drive Me) Crazy”

Didn’t know he was in one of Britney’s videos? He didn’t want you to. Adrian Grenier and Melissa Joan Hart made cameos in the video, as it was used as the theme for their movie, Drive Me Crazy. Grenier had to be convinced, as he didn’t want to be in the video initially. You can tell.

10. Eli Swanson – “Oops!…I Did It Again”

“Britney, before you go, there’s something I want you to have.”

“Oh it’s beautiful. But wait a minute, isn’t this…”

“Yeah, yes it is.”

“But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.”

“Well, baby, I went down and got it for you.”

“Awww, you shouldn’t have.”

9. Chad Cole – “Sometimes”

The beach boy of Britney’s dreams, Chad looks like he’d be on the Duke lacrosse team. Take from that what you will.

8. Madonna – “Me Against The Music”

Remember a time when all anyone could talk about was Britney and Madonna‘s scandalous kiss? Seems pretty silly now, doesn’t it?

7. Mariano Gutierrez – “Radar”

Gutierrez, an actual polo player, was chosen to be Britney’s polo-playing lover in the music video for “Radar.” He may lose the match, but he wins the girl.

6. Pharrell – “Boys”

Austin Powers isn’t the only man Britney gets close to in “Boys.” Fortunately for us, Pharrell looks exactly the same as he did in 2002: hot.

5. Jason Trawick – “Criminal”

Britney stripped down with her real-life fianc for this steamy video. Unfortunately the two broke up, but we still have the video to drool over.

4. Brice Durand – “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know”

Brice Durand had previously co-starred with Britney in “Born To Make You Happy” and “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart” so it makes sense the two had chemistry. And boy did they ever! Or in Durand’s native French: tr s sexy.

3. Brandon Stoughton – “Womanizer”

He may be a womanizer, but he sure looks good doin’ it.

2. Stephen Dorff – “Everytime”

Stephen Dorff can save me from a bathtub anytime he likes.

1. Tyson Beckford – “Toxic”

The only – and I mean only – problem with the “Toxic” video is that Tyson Beckford is barely in it.

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