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With Sony’s recent unveiling of the PS4 and some of the titles that’ll be in its catalog, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a successful PR event. After the single most competent press conference Sony has thrown in years, one filled with tech specs, new console features, and games, who wouldn’t think that the PS4 is going to be the greatest thing ever (aside from the PC “master race”)?

But as all gamers know, what we’re promised isn’t always what we get, no matter the intentions of the console manufacturers, software developers, and publishers.

So here are 4 reasons to be wary about the PS4.

4. The Controller


Now don’t get me wrong, I love seeing hardware guys experimenting with new ways of controlling the games we play – in fact, I wish Nintendo would sell Wii U gamepads separate from the consoles so I could hook one to my PC to see if it’s better than my gamepad+chatpad combo. But Sony’s DualShock 4 controller, with the touchpad between the D-pad and the main buttons, feels a bit pointless. Sure, it’s within the thumbs’ range of motion, but what are you really going to do with it that couldn’t be done by using the other buttons?

At least the Vita’s touchpad was theoretically intended to be used by the fingers that weren’t going to be doing anything – on a controller like this, the thumbs are already doing tons of work. We gamers better start praying that no developer is foolish enough to make a control scheme that needs three thumbs to do something in the middle of the action.

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Alright, probably not, but it’s an intriguing glimpse at what it could be all the same. We received materials earlier today from a source claiming to work for Sony’s creative agency BBH New York, with what are apparently early-stage renders – and therefore in no way up to date – of what the new PlayStation 4 controller might look like.

Named the SplitShock, the most noticeable feature is that the classic analogue sticks have been removed and replaced with touchpads which apparently serve the same function. The accompanying literature, if it is to be believed, says this about the touchpads:

“When a consumer is not playing a game, the SplitShock touchpads function as a track pad with both halves making a larger area to swipe and select items. The touchpads are also fully programmable by developers. This gives them the freedom to use the touchpads as they see fit. For example, if the game doesn’t require analogue controls, the touchpads can be used as an alternate input device. This allows games ported from IOS or Android the ability to retain their original control scheme”.

The addition of a “share” button at the bottom of the controller will enable players to instantly share data with friends, aided by a 4GB memory chip in the controller, which will sync with a user’s PSN account.

Furthermore, the ability to split the controller into two halves will allow for PlayStation Move functionality on the fly; users won’t need to splash out on extra peripherals as the controller has built-in motion sensing.









What do you think of these (admittedly dubious) renders? Let us know in the comments below.

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