Celebrity Blabbermouth: Tanay Jackson

When the sad details of Paris Jackson‘s suicide attempt came to light in the days after the incident in the early morning hours of June 5, there was one relative who was quick to point of the finger of blame at the famous family’s matriarch Katherine Jackson.

Paris’s cousin Tanay Jackson told U.K.’s The Sun newspaper June 26 that Michael Jackson‘s 15-year-old daughter tried kill herself (by swallowing 20 Motrin pills and cutting her arm with a kitchen knife) because of her rocky relationship with her 83-year-old grandmother.

“Paris wasn’t happy living with my grandma and was under a lot of stress,” said Tito Jackson‘s daughter, Tanay. “There are rules in the house and not everyone wants to abide by them.

“I understand her torment. I understand what it’s like with my father’s family.”

In another interview with Inside Edition, she gives even more of a glimpse into the family dysfunction by claiming her grandmother (and Paris’s guardian) should NOT raise Michael’s kids, including Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket.

Yet in a third sit-down with E! News, Tanay takes a different tone, careful not to lay blame on any one person.

“It can be tough, I bump heads with a few people there [in the family]…it’s just not easy to communicate, it’s just not easy to have them understand…sometimes it’s always their way or the highway,” she said.

“Right now, the living situation that she’s in and the situation that she’s in she’s not happy… It took her to the point of trying to commit suicide.”

Tanay even urges Paris to live with her biological mother Debbie Rowe: “If it’s better for her emotional stability, I think she should go with her mom.”

Since June 5, Paris has been living at residential treatment center outside California and trying to reconnect with Rowe, who just a few weeks ago took the stand in Michael’s wrongful death lawsuit where she broke down in tears saying it was his 2009 death that led to her suicide attempt: “She tried to kill herself … She has no life. She doesn’t feel she has a life anymore,” said Rowe.

Nowadays it seems everyone in the family’s got something to say publicly about what happened to Paris, from Katherine herself opening up to Hello! magazine: Paris “is doing much better. … The treatment is going good, really good,” she said.

To Randy Jackson getting into a Twitter feud with Rowe after ranting that his niece had been in a psychiatric facility too long:

<img src="http://cdn01.cdnwp.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/08/Randy-Jackson.png&quot; alt="" width="300

Only Rowe got the last word: “@randyjackson8 as usual you are grossly misinformed.”