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The January transfer window is just around the corner, so bigger cubs in the Premier League will be beginning to think about the targets they want to bring in for the remainder of the season to bolster their options or cement their positions in the upper echelons of the division. In contrast, the smaller clubs in the league will be focused on holding on to their best players who will no doubt be targeted by more cash rich clubs.

In this slideshow, the focus will be on those defensive players that have already excelled in the league this season, statistically speaking, who some might deem to be playing currently at “lesser” or “smaller” clubs in the Premier League. Obviously, generally speaking, those clubs as a whole are having mixed success on the pitch.

Some of those clubs will be excelling in the league, while others are just trying to keep their heads above water. It’s always a matter of debate which scenario makes it more vital to hold onto the key defensive man – though the fact that we now see defensive players brought in for the kind of money that Paulinho joined Spurs for ( 17m according to The Guardian.)

A strong finish in the EPL can result in serious riches as well prestige if a European place can also be secured, but the down the bottom relegation can result in big financial losses, so the window is invariably comes with some debate as to whether clubs can afford to hold on to their most saleable assets, or if they can afford to ignore bids for them.

So, which defensive players deserve to attract attention this January? For the purposes of this article it’s important to note that within defensive players, I am also including midfielders that operate in that protector role.

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