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There many different locations in the WWE universe that have garnered much respect. We have the sacred ground of Madison Square Garden, the Allstate arena in Chicago and the Boston Garden. But out of all locations WWE has been, there’s nothing more fun than when WWE goes to “Bizarro World” in Toronto Air Canada Center.. And it’s only fitting that the bizarre one Goldust returns this past Monday from Toronto to avenge his brother attempting to get Cody’s job back against the WWE champion, Randy Orton.

The night begins with the returning WWE Hall of Famer Edge coming home to Toronto and the company. The Rated R Superstar comes back to a racous reaction. He says that he loves being back but it wasn’t of his own accord. Edge says he was mandated by Triple H to have a reunion with his old partner not Christian but is Team Rated RKO teammate Randy Orton. He then goes on to say that Randy sucks calling him boring, he doesn’t care how he got the title bringing up he was the blueprint of the Money in the Bank . But he does think Randy is hiding behind the Shield and instead of something that Hunter thinks is best for business. The ultimate opportunist asked the audience who they want to see and they give him a hint and he introduces Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan comes out and Edge says how much he admires his will to fight bringing up their similar paths. Edge says the fans love him and Edge respects him and regardless of what the COO wants. The Hall of Famer says he doesn’t know if he can win the title this Sunday but he knows he’s going to keep fighting. Bryan says yes he will win the title, and he will become the new face of the WWE.

Randy Orton comes out and says it’s a shame that Edge has become such a sad shell of former self and having to come to a town like Toronto to feel like he is somebody again. Edge responds with a great line with the Orton bloodline saying that his father had that injured arm for years and he has no spine being a puppet of Triple H. Eventually the COO comes out to answer the comments of the 13 Time World Champion. Hunter says that if he has something to say say to his face. Edge comes back and says that he knows Triple H can’t see talent despite the nose on his face bringing up John Cena, Chris Jericho can himself. The leader of the WWE boardroom comments that he made a few mistakes and maybe Daniel Bryan will prove him wrong. Then the COO announces the main event as Dean Ambrose will battle Daniel Bryan in the main event with The Shield in one corner and the Big Show in the other. Triple H comments to Edge it is easy to say something when you can’t do anything physical. The Shield brings out a beaten up Christian on the stage, Edge coming to his friend on the ramp screaming for help.

(I love the fact they used Tony Chimmel for the introduction. He always sounded like he was getting goosed by somebody. Everybody was great in that segment. I’m not sure what that says about Christian and his future. I imagine something will happen this week on Smackdown as Edge is scheduled to appear on the show and given the backstage segment next with Hunter I think it’s not going to be reeking of awesomeness thanks to the corporate machine.)

Action begins with Kofi Kingston winning a match by DQ after Curtis Axel goes a little crazy not breaking by the five count. Heyman, who looks a little haggard, freaks out about his prot g losing thinking of the ramifications for Sunday. As Axel looks to go back after Kingston, the tables get turned and Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise knocking out Curtis to the dismay of Paul Heyman.

After the match, we find Paul Heyman has slipped backstage he goes to the trainers room. WWE staff try to look at Heyman’s leg but Paul says he has his own doctor to examine him.

We see a recap of the Big Show closing last week’s show. Booker T was backstage trying to convince big show do the right thing for business and his kids and don’t go crazy during the main event. Telling him to be professional.

(I’ve got a question, what the hell does Booker T do now and why the hell is he backstage? He isn’t the GM, he is not a commentator anymore or an agent. What is he doing there? They haven’t explained it This is two weeks in a row this has happened is he somehow the corporate liaison or something?)

They play the first Goldust memory video package of the night. Great work by the WWE production staff on those.

Things definitely take a turn for the bizarre as Bray Wyatt defeats Dolph Ziggler with the Sister Abigail. While I can understand elevating the level of competition, what does this say about the future of Dolph? From what I can remember he is supposed to have US title match with Dean Ambrose this Sunday right? Anyone who thought that the Show Off would get back up to the top the card might want to rethink that.

After another Goldust video package, we see Paul Heyman now on crutches hobbled down to the ring with Curtis Axel in tow alongside another gentleman. Heyman gets into the ring and says he didn’t trust socialized medicine so he always has a personal physician with him. He reveals the unknown man to be Dr. Kirshenbaum and says that he has torn ligaments in his knee and will have to pull out of the match this Sunday at Night of Champions. This brings out Brad Maddox along with WWE head physician Dr. Michael Sampson. Maddox says that in order for Heyman to be taken out of the match he has to have an evaluation done by WWE medical staff. Sampson gives the proper tests and says Heyman is fit to compete on pay-per-view. Heyman begins to argue with the general manager when CM Punk’s music hits. Punk with Singapore cane in hand takes out Curtis Axel while Heyman magically his healed running into the crowd. This leads Dr. Kirshenbaum to face the wrath of Punk who proceeds to beat the holy hell out of this guy.

(Overall great segment, very old-school presentation but you have to assume that if Punk doesn’t get some type of retribution Sunday this can’t go on for much longer keep the same level of energy. I can see a scenario where Heyman is taken out leading to the return of Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. And while I respect the continuity with the Triple H storyline, I still find it odd that the corporate regime are babyfaces when it comes to Paul Heyman. it really does make me wonder if the antiestablishment CM Punk may be looking to do what’s best for business sooner rather than later.)

A feisty AJ Lee joins the commentary team and holds her own with Jerry “The King” Lawler watching The Total Divas and her challengers this Sunday (Natalya, Brie Bella and Naomi) defeat Aksana, Alicia Fox and Layla in a short match. I don’t imagine AJ will be walking out of Detroit with the Divas Title .

Another Goldust video package is shown

Alberto Del Rio defeats R Truth with the Cross Arm Breaker. Before the match, they did a box promo with Rob saying that Alberto was not cool to be world heavyweight champion and it would not be about ADR anymore it would be about RVD. The crowd was rather vocal chanting about everything and anything during this match. Alberto Del Rio even did a pec bounce to mess with them chanting RVD. Not a bad match nothing to write home about, though.

They announce a tag team turmoil gauntlet to determine the number contender’s to the Shield’s tag titles this Sunday at the free Night of Champions kickoff show with the match for the titles being later in the night. The teams are 3MB ( I guess they will choose which two members compete as it showed all three in the graphic) Tons of Funk, The Real Americans, and Usos. Very surprised if the PTP do not when the shot and the titles.

Zeb Colter cuts a promo on the Canadian fans when who would return but Santino, who has recovered neck surgery. Antonio basically beats the hell out of the returning Italian-Russian-Canadian. Cesaro does an amazing sbig wing for a long time during this match which is something you need to see. Antonio neutralizes the Cobra but can’t stop falling prey to a quick rollup for the win.

(I don’t know what’s the problem with WWE making Cesaro the butt of the joke. It is what it is I guess.)

The Miz battled Damien Sandow. Fandango came out distracting the Miz giving Sandow a rare victory. Still wondering what is going on with the future of everybody in the segment. The Miz was a part of the main storyline with the corporate authority. However, that was quickly dropped. Sandow finally gets the victory with the help of Fandango no less, so who knows what they’re planning. If anything.

Ryback battles RVD in a battle of the airbrushed attire. Van Dam is introduced by his numero uno amigo Ricardo Rodriguez.

(Side note: Someone explain to me why Ryback, now has a bear trap in his lower tron. I know they call him a wrecking ball so what is with the bear trap? )

Alberto del Rio comes out before the match basically says that Rob Van dam will not be champion and that he will remain champion and that Ricardo makes him sick.

The match itself a lot better than I expected. Ryback and RVD has pretty good chemistry but it’s pretty short. Ryback gets disqualified for crotching him on the ring post. After that Ryback hits the Shellshock. This was weird, that there was no other interaction with ADR at all during the match. Nothing of him smiling after Ryback destroyed his opponent for this Sunday. Strange, just strange.

Ren Young interviews Goldust who says he has been the family screw up over the years and tonight is the time to put things right. He has had multiple chances in the company and it’s time that Cody gets his second chance. Cody did not deserve to get fired by Triple H being overrun with power. He said he was going to make his family proud tonight and that they will never forget the name of Rhodes. Triple H interrupts and says he has a lot of pressure on him tonight to save his brothers job saying good luck and I hope doesn’t screw it up.

I like that segment as it told a great story leading into the match. While the contest was not the technical classic, you would’ve seen from Rhodes a decade ago it was still a solid contest. it told a really great story in the end the Golden child of Dusty Rhodes came up short as his current call comes from an RKO. After the match , the WWE champion gloats that the dreams of Cody Rhodes are shattered.

Come back from a Los Matadores commercial, and Stephanie add salt to the wounds calling Dustin a loser and an embarrassment to the family while telling him to say hi to his dad for before telling him to leave the building.

This definitely gives more fuel to the Cody coming back as a top babyface for the company. They fired him , humiliated him and his family if they don’t do something with them they’re missing out on a big opportunity.

(I’m really surprised he didn’t do a Booker T segment with him, talking about the match and how it’s not worth it.)

Ryback battles RVD in a battle of the airbrushed attire. Van Dam is introduced by his numero uno amigo Ricardo Rodriguez.

(Side note: Someone explain to me why Ryback, now has a bear trap in his lower tron. I know they call him a wrecking ball so why did the bear trap make any sense)

Alberto del Rio comes out before the match basically says that Rob Van Dam will not be champion and that he will remain champion and that Ricardo makes him sick.

The match itself a lot better than I expected. Ryback and RVD has pretty good chemistry but it’s pretty short. Ryback gets disqualified for crotching him on the ring post. After that Ryback hits the Shellshock. This was weird that there was no other interaction with ADR at all during the match. Nothing of him smiling after Ryback destroyed his opponent for this Sunday. Strange, just strange.

Big Show is walking to the ring for the main event when he stopped by Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie says that she doesn’t want chaos in her main event. She says that the Giant cannot touch any member of the Shield otherwise he will be fired. And she says big show has a special chair at ringside in Daniel Bryan’s corner.

The match itself was pretty good as Daniel Bryan fought off the Hounds of Justice as Big Show cheered on from ringside. They really cut down on the melodrama from last week. In the end Daniel Bryan pulled out a victory with a small package. It really made Daniel Bryan look way more formidable battling Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose after the contest, Randy Orton makes his way to the ring as the Shield once again triple team Daniel again as Big Show watches on . Triple H comes out and wants him to give the knockout punch to Daniel Bryan again. Big Show refuses but then reenters the ring. Orton barks orders to the World’s Largest Athlete telling him to pick him up and punch him. Show says no and the two get an argument. The Viper says he will pick Bryan up for him. Orton turns around and gets a flying knee to the face of the WWE. Big show exits the ring. And we leave the air with Daniel Bryan standing tall over Randy Orton raising the WWE championship in the air

This is what I was talking about when it comes to balance in a few because they gave Daniel Bryan time to relish victory and gave Big Show a little bit of comeuppance against the corporate regime. It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of his defiance of Smackdown.

All in all, while a lot of the matches were pretty short the main events made up for them. We had some great promos and segments that you should really check out. Watched the opening segment, check out AJ Lee on commentary, the Paul Heyman stuff and the final two matches. Everything else skip.

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steve austin

With Wrestlemania the past two years holding dream matches such as Rock/Cena and HHH/Brock and with Summerslam holding Punk/Brock, I can’t help but think of all the dream matches that we will never get to see.

When talking about dream matches, everyone has their own preference. Whether you like the guys in the match or not, you would still want to see perhaps the biggest match of all time. I’m not that big a fan of CM Punk or Brock Lesnar, but I am looking forward to the match because of how big it is. Because of the atmosphere and aura surrounding the match, I am indeed looking forward to their encounter.

I thought I would take a look at some of the dream matches we will never see. For one reason or another we will probably never see any of these matches happen. Although, most people thought we would never see The Rock return and take on Cena, so I guess we can never say never.

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When it comes to splitting wrestling fans, John Cena is seen as the most divisive man in wrestling. But does he really have anything on ‘The Game’ Triple H? For nearly two decades now Hunter Hearst Helmsley has split opinion. He has drawn frenzied criticism at the same time as receiving critical praise. His reputation in the industry is conflicting. The likes of Steve Austin and Kurt Angle have ranked Hunter as one of the very best workers, a top guy with an intelligent brain for in-ring psychology. At the same time his matches have been savaged by WWE legend Bret Hart, and the wider wrestling media seems to hate the experienced veteran.

For every person who recognizes Hunter’s contribution to the WWE, there is another person who cites him as a manipulative backstabber. There is a belief in some circles that he got lucky. He made friends with a key creative player (Shawn Michaels) and married the bosses daughter to secure a privileged status within the business are common accusations levied at The Game.

Conversely, a look through Hunter’s history of promos and main event classics tells a different story. A man who can wrestle as well as anyone, a man who cuts an excellent promo as both a heel or a face. Triple H is a unique individual in the wrestling business. The 13 time world champion will leave a legacy of greatness mixed with controversy.

Here at Whatculture we look at 5 awesome matches and 5 that sucked…

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If there is one thing wrestling fans have learned over the years it’s that former big names always find a way to come back “home” to World Wrestling Entertainment. In recent years we’ve seen men like The Rock and Brock Lesnar make once unlikely returns. Now it’s time for Batista (real name Dave Batista) to return.

In a report by Mike Johnson of, Batista was advertised for a WWE live event in Las Vegas on Sunday February 16th via online and radio advertisements. The report goes on to state that he was expected back in the New Year possibly as a surprise at the Royal Rumble. Now that the news is out here, one has to wonder what WWE will do about it. When Batista left WWE in 2010, he spoke about not liking the PG direction the company was taking. Obviously the time away has allowed those feelings to change.

My suggestion is they should keep him off TV and advertise his return with video packages the way they did with Rob Van Dam’s return prior to Money in the Bank. If they feel the need to bring him back before the Rumble match that’s the best way they can get the fans excited about it.

Batista will turn 45 years old on January 18th, so it’s no surprise that he wants to have one final run in WWE. He is a former four time World Heavyweight Champion and two time WWE Champion that has had major WrestleMania matches against the likes of Triple H, Undertaker and John Cena in his career. He had a five year run as a top performer from 2005 until his departure in 2010.

Still an imposing physical presence at 6’6 280 pounds, Batista will be a fresh addition to the roster since he hasn’t been a regular since he left the company in 2010 to pursue MMA and an acting career. His acting career has landed him a major role in the motion picture Guardians of the Galaxy, which is set to be released in August 2014. Reports indicate that Batista would likely stay in WWE until it is time to promote the film.

There are many potential rivalries for Batista to have when he returns to the company. What’s interesting about him is that he has thrived as both a heel and a babyface. His last run was as a heel, but his most successful run was as a babyface. Names like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan come to mind as potential opponents. He also had rivalries with the likes of Randy Orton and John Cena, so those could be rekindled too. There are also newer guys moving up the ladder like Big E Langston and Roman Reigns that could get in his way. The positive thing about being gone for four years is that he’s fresher than he’s ever been.

The one name that I immediately thought of as Batista’s biggest rival? Brock Lesnar. The two started with WWE over 10 years ago and their paths never really crossed because Lesnar left the company before Batista ascended to the top of the company. They are about the same size, so it would be a battle of behemoths in many ways. That could be a WrestleMania match although I believe Lesnar vs. Undertaker is more likely. If Batista sticks around post WrestleMania then they could build to a program with Lesnar later in 2014.

The landscape of WWE changed at TLC when Randy Orton became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. With the impending return of “The Animal” Batista in 2014, things will change again.

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We are less than two weeks away from the final WWE pay per view of the year, TLC. In recent weeks WWE Creative has done very little to promote and build for this and prior PPV events, but all of that changed this week on the RAW broadcast.

Finally WWE has taken the right steps towards creating some anticipation and excitement for this PPV, delivering a great contract signing segment between John Cena and Randy Orton in the final portion of the show. Now all eyes look towards TLC with some growing interest, at least when as it pertains to the unification of the two active championship belts.

And that’s how it should be. The unification of both the storied World Heavyweight Championship from WCW / NWA and the coveted WWE Championship should feel like a momentous occasion, and WWE is finally on the right path towards that end. But they aren’t quite there yet. With just under two weeks until the unification of these title belts, the WWE still has some ground to cover, but they are making some significant progress towards making this the event that it should be. And so here are 5 things we learned following this week’s RAW program:

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The wrestling industry belongs to Vincent Kennedy McMahon. The history of the profession stretches way back to the 1800 s, but for the most part, the history of pro wrestling only exists from the era of McMahon.

It was Churchill who declared “History is written by the victors”, and in wrestling it has certainly been the case. The WWE will touch upon wrestlers such as Frank Gotch who popularized pro wrestling with his 1908 World Championship run, but mainly the celebration of “wrestling greats” begins with the WWWF’s Bruno Sammartino in 1963. The WWE media machine has carefully popularized its own version of wrestling history, and attempts have been made in various propaganda to cast wrestling history in the way Vince McMahon sees fit.

This WWE rewriting of history has involved censorship, deletion of champions and blackballing of talent. Here we look at 10 ways the WWE has tried to rewrite the legacy of an industry…

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Wwe Network

Speculation has increased this past week that WWE are imminently going to release details on an April 2014 WWE Network launch.

The news story gathered pace when selected media outlets received invitations to a ‘WWE Special Event’ in Las Vegas. The invitation stated ‘Save The Date’ and revealed that Vince McMahon would host proceedings to take place at the Wynn in Las Vegas. As WWE Editor of WhatCulture, my assumption was that this would be a formal announcement and launch details of the heralded WWE Network. The event will take place at 6pm Vegas time, on Wednesday 8th of January, by invite only.

The launch of the Network will be a huge deal. It will give WWE a full platform to sell content and develop business. Traditional pay per view content seems an obvious candidate to have on any Network package – the eventual announcement will an industry changer.

However, since the ‘Save The Date’ invite came out, WWE’s publicity department has informed us that the Network is still undergoing structuring.

WWE Director of Public Relations, Adam Hopkins, states in an email sent out to press earlier today; “In addition to not being able to confirm timing of the WWE Network launch, WWE is still considering all options for distribution, pricing and role of pay-per-view.”

The statement is a curious acknowledgment of speculation about the Network launch. Perhaps it is designed to throw people off the scent of the big launch on the 8th of January. Alternatively, it could be a matter of fact – the WWE Network is still some way off.

If the January 8th announcement is not regarding the WWE Network, expect it to be a technology development. The conference will come at the same time as the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas that week. However, for Vince McMahon to be “hosting” it must be something big – WWE don’t usually use Mr.McMahon in these press events. The outside bet is that the “Special Event” will be the announcement of Wrestlemania 31 s location. Could it be Las Vegas? It seems unlikely. But then again, UFC is doing huge business in Vegas, perhaps it is time for a WWE Wrestlemania return to Sin City.

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I have to admit, I am sold on Ryback. This guy is indeed a machine, both in physique and ability. He is without a doubt, barring injury, the future of the WWE. But thanks to the initial push orchestrated by the WWE his whole persona has been reduced to nothing more than a Goldberg clone.

Now although initially in the first few months I would have to agree, it has since become truly annoying (to me at least) to hear the crowd chant GOLDBERG every time he is in the ring. Like mindless drones or sheep they carry on regardless of how idiotic that chant has now become. For quite simply, Ryback is NOTHING like Goldberg.

Now if there was anyone who Ryback reminds me off from back in WCW, it would be Scott Steiner. To a lesser extent I have also been known to compare the man to a young Rhyno. But Goldberg. Not freakin’ likely. In fact, they are such an opposite of each other it is really quite remarkable.

So with that in mind I now present to you my reasons as to why Ryback is nothing like Goldberg, and if you indeed think otherwise I suggest you go back and find some old WCW tapes and take notes. For my personal belief is that, as a play on words to previous articles, Bill Goldberg represented everything that WAS wrong with professional wrestling.


(Side note: Just like to add that even though I detested his wrestling career with a passion, he is a very avid advocate of animal rights & prevention of cruelty to animals so for that I salute THE MAN, Goldberg,,,,and he killed it in “Santa’s Slay” & “Ready to Rumble” also)

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Aj Styles

As of right now, TNA is in a period of disarray. Wrestlers, including big time stars like Rob Van Dam and Mr Anderson, are going by the wayside, and plans of introducing Bellator’s MMA stars to the program backfired massively when Bellator took them off the show.

And now, more and more TNA wrestlers are being linked with a jump to the big dogs in the yard. Hulk Hogan is just one of many rumoured to be signing for the WWE in the near future. One in particular has been speculated about ever since details of his expiring contract broke on the internet…AJ Styles.

AJ Styles, as far as I’m concerned, is Mr. TNA. Since day one, he’s been with the company and his career has been like a massive yoyo. Constantly, AJ has been in and out of the main event picture at the company in the Asylum, the Impact Zone and during the Hogan era. But now, as he’s set to main event the biggest pay-per-view of the year for TNA, reports say AJ might not even be at TNA for much longer.

Now, you can hardly believe many wrestling rumours anymore, as last Thursday on Impact Wrestling demonstrated. While everyone believed that AJ had signed a new contract to keep him on TNA for a little while longer, AJ admitted to the world that he didn’t even have a contract at TNA as of now.

Of course, AJ may have been telling a porky just to hype up his current storyline with Dixie Carter, but we can’t jump to any conclusions as to whether he’s leaving TNA or if he’s WWE-bound, or if WWE even want him. But we can ask ourselves this…what if he did decide to join WWE?

What if Triple H said to himself, “Alright, let’s give AJ a call.”? Triple H has suddenly become one to take risks on wrestlers. While some of his risky signings have proved to be little good to WWE, like Kharma and Sin Cara, AJ could be a real game changer.

One thing I noticed on WWE programming, especially this Monday when the faces of the WWE faced The Shield in an 11 on 3 handicap match, is that WWE are really lacking in top faces at the moment. A lot of the faces at the moment have only just turned face in the last year or so, and they haven’t had enough time for the audience to appreciate their role as good guys.

Having AJ come in the WWE as a face would get him over much faster than if he debuted as a heel. AJ has the in-ring capabilities that will get fans’ jaws dropping with the high-risk action and a bundle of charisma. That and with the over-ness he’s already got with hardcore and Internet wrestling fans would make him one of the top superstars in a short amount of time.

But how would he debut in WWE if he were to join tomorrow? I mean, do they wait a couple of months, giving him hype promos before throwing him into the coliseum? Or does he come out as a big surprise at the end of RAW or something?

aj styles

Think, the main storyline right now is the Corporation with Triple H and Randy Orton. Now, the likelihood of him joining that little Corporation would be quite low, so how about he joins without any affiliation? Right now, he’s a lone wolf in TNA, so why not do the same for him in WWE? Not with his “Dark AJ” gimmick, mind – I mean letting him be his phenomenal self. Have him come out, interrupting a Triple H promo saying something like this.

“You know, I’ve been watching the product as of late. I’ve been on the outside looking in, and there’s two groups in this game right now that disgust the hell out of me. There’s this new regime that’s nothing more than a rehash of the Corporation from the Attitude Era, and then there’s “superstars” in the back crying and complaining about being held back by the likes of the mighty Triple H. Well Hunter, I’m not one of those guys and I sure as hell will not be going to play the corporate janitor role again in another company.

What I’m here to do is to change in the game in WWE and I’m not going to do it by spouting out a couple of cute catchphrases or berate the company while sitting up on the ramp. I’m going to do it by being phenomenal. I don’t care if I’m going to start at the bottom and work my way to the top, I don’t care if I have to wrestle on Superstars each and every week.

I’m going to show everyone what being phenomenal is all about and that the only person you can trust in this industry is yourself. Because now I’m in the WWE, I plan on winning every title there is to win. I’ll beat every champion that’s put in front of me, and I’ll show that I don’t need the backing of a group to make it in the WWE. I’ll do it by being the best at this job.”

Now, I’m sure AJ would think of a better speech than the one I just mocked up, but it’s a good way to show AJ off as just doing his own thing and not siding with a team, not joining the locker room revolt or the regime.

He’s just going to show how good he is in the ring and soon enough WWE should have him win the Intercontinental Title. Someone like AJ would bring major prestige to that belt, and the Intercontinental title, as far as I’m concerned, is the ultimate ticket to success in the WWE. Randy Orton, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H. It’s happened to all of them and it’d happen to AJ.

I don’t know where AJ’s future lies right now, but if AJ did jump to the WWE, it would be a surreal moment. He’s been a part of TNA for over a decade and to see one of the guys that put the WWE’s top rivals on the map jump ship to the WWE would definitely “put butts in seats.”

Hey, and AJ’s got plenty of great opponents that he could be put up against – Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Chris Jericho and so on. AJ could be a huge star in WWE if Triple H realises that AJ is “right for business.”

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Sting E

With part 5 of my series (I’m now counting my article on Michael Cole as part 1, which you can read here) in which I discuss what I feel is wrong with professional wrestling today, I am expecting quite the backlash considering the topic I am about to discuss. However, before you send the goon squad out to get me, please remember that as with the others articles that mention Triple H, Jeff Hardy and Michael Cole, I am honestly attempting not to be a “smark” in any sense of the word.

I make my position quite clear as to my feelings about these performers in my opening statements, but unlike smarks, I present evidence to back up my conclusions as to why I feel these people are not what is “best for business.”

I am not presenting you my personal reasons as to why I think they suck, but why from a business standpoint, from every angle, having them in positions of power is detrimental to pro wrestling in its entirety, regardless of what company they work for. I am more than willing to be proven wrong, in fact I welcome it, for when it comes to wrestling, I am usually right most of the time, but unfortunately it is often things that I do not want to be right about.

I hope that makes sense and does not come off as pretentious. All I ask is to keep an open mind and look at the points I make subjectively, although I have now got a bulletproof vest on just in case.

Click “Next” as I begin to ask the question – is Sting iconic or ironic?

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