CHERYL COLE wants her critics to stop calling her fat because she’s only a size 6.

Who in the world would call this girl fat?

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Cheryl Cole is slamming her weight critics who keep calling her “fat.”

The “Call My Name” singer and former UK and US ”The X Factor” judge, who admits to not feeling happy about her body at times but looks nothing short of amazing on the red carpet, finally broke her silence about her real body size and defended other girls who are bigger than her.

Speaking for the December issue of Glamour UK, Cheryl argued:

“You can’t call someone who’s a size 6 fat. An average woman is a size 10 to 12, so if you’re calling me fat because I’m a size 6, and I have never ever been bigger than an 8, you’re causing women some serious issues.”

She added:

“When you’re on the receiving end of it, it’s nothing short of bullying in the workplace.”

Do you agree with Cheryl?

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