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One of the cornerstones of cinema, something that has always been around in one form or another, is the notion of using sex – or in times gone by, sex appeal – to sell a film. It’s one of the few universal things binding us together as a people, and so it ends up happening in a considerable number of mature (and immature) movies. However, filmmakers soon enough got bored of shooting the same boring sex scenes, and so opted to push the boat out little by little.

If “normal” sexuality has been portrayed so often on screen, then it’s little surprise that the niche fetishes and interests soon enough began crying out for their own cinematic representation. These films all share one common DNA strand, that they are all best remembered for their kinky, even disturbing sexual content. Here are 10 shocking movies about kinky festishes…

10. Cannibalism – Trouble Every Day

Trouble Every Day

Claire Denis’ film might look like a horror flick, but it absolutely is not. The premise revolves around a Doctor who is experimenting on the human libido, with his wife essentially acting as a vampire/cannibal, who gets off on eating flesh.

Vincent Gallo also stars as a man with a similar interest, and it’s not long before people start getting munched on. Though the premise might sound inherently silly, Denis refuses to dismiss it as a simple zombie/vampire/monster sheen, and instead engages with the very grounded, scientific nature of the fetish.

Vorarephilia as it is clinically known is to derive sexual pleasure from eating someone or, worse still, being eaten. The people within the film are utterly powerless to stop their urges, their base sexual desires pushing them to heinous, vile acts.

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