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Just a day after she was spotted mending her broken heart at the nail salon, Selena Gomez‘s first Nicole by OPI polish collection ad has been revealed!

Wonder if she was using her own lacquers to get her nails did on Thursday? We sure would!

A few swipes of the shimmery purple Spring Break and we’d be feeling better in a jiffy!

And one more thing, how freaking heavenly does Selenita look in the ad?

We bet Justin Bieber is drooling over it as we type!

U like???

[Image via Nicole by OPI]

Well, now we don’t know what to believe!

Paris police have confirmed that they have no record whatsoever of Naomi Campbell‘s alleged mugging that took place in the City of Light last month.

One of the police officers explained:

“A high profile celebrity being attacked in Paris would be something everybody remembers. If such a serious crime had taken place then a criminal enquiry would have started by now – especially if the victim ended up in a wheelchair.”

True! Although we wouldn’t be surprised if Miz Campbell had her billionaire boyfriend pay the cops to keep quiet!

And it still doesn’t explain what happened to the supermodel’s multi-million dollar leg!

We might never know the complete truth, but regardless, we hope Naomi is safe and sound as she sails the seas on her lover’s yacht, or whatever other fabulous destination she may be in right now.

[Image via Jaworski/WENN.]

The latest Hollywood celebrity gossip reports that JUSTIN BIEBER was photographed smoking what appears to be a marijuana blunt just after the new year kicked in this week.


justin bieber smoking 1

Justin Bieber may not sing about drugs, but it doesn’t mean he’ll never do it.

Case in point: newly-released snapshots showing him holding what appears to be a fired up blunt in the fingers of his left hand!

According to TMZ, they were snapped on January 2 while the pop star was at a huge party inside a pot smoke-filled Newport Beach hotel room-a day after one of his alleged stalker photographers, Chris Guerra, had died while taking photos of his white Ferrari.

Also as startling as the images of an 18-year-old possibly getting high is the fact that his close friend, Lil Twist-who was driving the Ferrari the day before and possibly the “Justin” that Guerra claimed he saw smoking a pot pipe in the car-was also at the party, rolling blunts with his brother for the party goers.

And evidently, Justin was one of them.

justin bieber smoking 2

Another sign that it could have been pot was the claim that the teenager and his friends may have had a classic case of the “munchies”-an increased hunger side effect of marijuana use. The site reported:

“Sources tell us Bieber was chatting it up about how tired he was because he’d been staying up late recently. Shockingly, we’re told the conversation eventually turned to late night fast food … and where they could get it.”

He may have also felt the need to laugh… excessively.

justin bieber smoking 3

Oh, by the way, an unnamed girl reportedly crashed in Justin‘s room and it is unclear whether or not they hooked up and if his on-and-off again girlfriend Selena Gomez-with whom he broke up with on December 30-knows about it.

This teenager has got a LOT of explaining to do.

Photos Via TMZ

According to star news, KATY PERRY has already been named 2013′s “Hottest Woman” by Men’s Health.

Yes, she’s that hot to be crowned just 4 days into the new year!

AES 080976

On January 4, Men’s Health magazine gave the title of the “Hottest Woman” of 2013 to Katy Perry.

True, it’s a little too early to decide for the entire year, but they’re obviously convinced that no other woman will be able to compare-not even their “all time” title-holder, Jennifer Aniston-thanks to her notable music career and, of course, her amazing boobs.

The versatile pop star is followed by Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” Mila Kunis, the incredibly breast-y actress Christina Hendricks, AskMen’s “Most Desirable Woman,” “The Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence, respectively.

The magazine wrote:

“Nobody, including us, could get enough of Perry this year. And for that reason, she is our sexiest woman of 2013.”

See who else made the list HERE.

Do you think Katy Perry deserved the title?

Photo By PR Photos

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