WILL SMITH‘s reporter, who tried to kiss him at his “Men In Black 3″ premiere in Moscow last summer, got jailed after crashing last Sunday’s Grammy stage for ADELE‘s awarding.


Vitalli Sediuk Crashes Grammys Adele

The stalker-ish and fame-hungry Ukranian TV reporter Vitalli Sediuk, who made Hollywood news as the man Will Smith had backhanded in the face after trying to give him an “awkward” kiss on the lips, pulled a pretty crazy stunt this weekend that led him into the slammer.

Apparently, Sediuk, who once mentioned that his next celebrity victims will include Selena Gomez, Cheryl Cole and Angelina Jolie, managed to get on stage before Adele came up to receive her Grammy.

Sediuk even told the British singer:

“It’s such an honor to receive this award. I love you, Adele.”

Fortunately, Jennifer Lopez (who was also on stage to present the award) shooed the reporter away before he even got close enough to (maybe) smooch Adele.

He later walks off stage and was grabbed by security, who held him until the LAPD took him away and put him into jail for the night.

According to Gossip Cop, he was charged for “trespassing” and is due in court on March 4.

How’s that for a Grammy behind-the-scenes trivia?

Watch the incident below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab